Thursday, March 1, 2012

Are you a blogger? Get free glasses! :)

If you have a facebook account, do you see this often on your side links? Do you ignore it because you are hesitant if it is real or some fake advertisement? 

BEHOLD! And read the next details.
Wonder what’s inside this package I got today? :)
What am I wearing on my head?
My sunnies. Which one is I am wearing and what brand?

Firmoo sunglasses, want one? http:// 2012/02/ good-news-summer-gift-for-blogg ers.htmlThe package comes in complete with other stuffs.
And now, 
 I’m wearing the glasses! :) Thank you Firmoo Online Optical Store and Patrick! What’ya say?
Do I say more? If you do, comment on this post.
Shipping took only for 5 days and my package came from China.
*To enter, click the link after the second to the last photo.

I'm ready for summer! Are you?
Marie :)