Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ferdie Cacnio: Shoe

Would you wear these shoes?

While I was killing time one afternoon in the campus, 
waiting for my next subject:
- I went to the North Conservatory to sleep, and I slept;
- It wasn't enough so I went to our cybernook/CBTL and borrowed their magazines (Mega and Condo Living)
- Why condo living? Just wondering what is life and the architecture of condos. Since it is about condo interiors too, they feature people and shops where to buy antiques and displays for your unit. And I stumbled on one page of Condo Living and I puked rainbows! 

Drool. Realistic. Fascinating.
(The shoe's has name but I wasn't able to jot it down)




And those were not real shoes.
These shoe sculptures were made by Ferdie Cacnio.
*Photos were properties of Mr. Ferdie Cacnio. Click the first photo for the main site.

Wish they weren't sculpture instead.

There's one more shoe sculpture that I can't find on Mr. Ferdie Cacnio's page
That was my favorite pa naman. Parang yung All the Lovers ni Kylie Minogue na naka-pyramid na sila. That was one hella shoes. I would request to make it as a shoe. A luxurious heels.

Thanks for reading! :)