Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ferdie Cacnio: Not a shoe

It was 18 days ago when I blogged about shoes but not shoes. If you haven't read it and want to know why, read it here, Ferdie Cacnio: Shoe.

Another drooling session. I was kilig when I read my mail and it was about the link above. It was Mr. Ferdie Cacnio, himself, commented on my blog post redirecting to the page of more of his works.

Click the photo to see more.
Thank you Mr. Ferdie for the comment! :"" I really admire the shoe sculpture.

And so is this second entry where I have found that shoes but not shoes photo, or heels. 

White swan! :)

This was inspired by the temptation story in the Book of Genesis from the Bible.

Net fishing.
And this is the one I am talking about! Boots in heels! Soo love!
*Photos were properties of Mr. Ferdie Cacnio.

Any objections your honor?