Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dear readers

Hello dear awesomest readers,

Thank your for subscribing on my blog thru GFC/Bloglovin or just visiting or stumbling on my page. I'm happy enough that you find time to read my entries and browse more. Since, I've registered my blog to topblogs.com and you help me raised my rank on my blog. Well, it's not constant though. It reached it's highest on the 300th + place. And now it's steadied on 430th to 480th+.

May you suggest what do you want to see more on my blog or just asked me questions first about myself? So that I may reach your expectations.

Comment below, ask me on tumblr, or on formspring for suggestion or questions. Like my facebook page too, mariebiskwet and post your comments or q's there.

P.S. Aha! You thought I will be having my giveaway 'no? Not yet. But if you want to sponsor my blog, just email me at mariedanicia at yahoo.com. 

Thank you!

Marie :*