Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ang Pahayagang Plaridel: Kartoonan

I want to feature my friend, whom I have been classmates for consecutive terms last AY and early this school year. Once, we have a reporting to prepare and we set a meeting which, we two, are free to polish the visuals and sequence of the report. I borrowed books from the library. She, made our visuals and took it from her bag. I was amazed on what I saw, she's an exuberant artist.

Exuberant artist.
Later, you will see what I am saying. So, going back. (Laos na 'to e pero 'di siya yung makikita mo sa panlabas na anyo na ginagawa niya.) She's an ordinary girl with pure talent. Never thought if you see her that she has this talent. As what every human say, "He/she doesn't look like..." until we saw evidences.

And I praised her. It's perfect for our presentation. More than the effort I did to research. An artist by heart I will say.

Today, she's a part of our student publication in the University. The official Filipino publication that brings forth news. (I'm a sucker for campus papers! It's free, MALATE literary portfolio, The La Sallian, Ang Pahayagang Plaridel- I have a collection of this items. Maybe I'll blog about it soon when I have a camera. So I grab it and every chance immediately to be updated of what abouts inside and outside the campus.) 

Ang opisyal na pahayagan ng Pamantasang De La Salle sa wikang Filipino. 

Mahirap magbingi-bingihan sa katotohanan. Mahirap magsulat ngunit kinakailangan.

On to my friend's art. Chai Alvarez

Ang Pahayagang Plaridel
Tomo XVII BLG 9 | Pebrero 29, 2012

Photos and details: Ang Pahayagang Plaridel Facebook Page - LIKE THEM AS WELL.

Who don't visit the comic page of a newspaper e? It's the first or second page I read when I get myself a copy. First I read all the entries. Sometimes, I do not mind who's work is it, sometimes I do. And then, charan!!! This surprised me! I saw a familiar name! My friend is now officially part of our university's publication and finally her art will be seen by many people.

P.S. Love you Chai! :) Sorry, uncovered yung face.

Hooray for today!