Saturday, February 25, 2012

2012 National Conference on Behavioral Sciences Viral Photos

Still photos of the solidarity night.

Goes Viral! :) The last photo of the night!

Yow! Patrick Remo in the house. Bwahahha
1st frame- Smile lang. 2nd frame- Pout daw pero Cel anyare sayooo? 3rd frame- tongue out :P 4th frame- wasted look. Y'all know what it is!! 

Best picture evaaah! Who's wasted! Epic the last frame, wala ng tao. Blurred pa. Nawawala pa si Wella.

ID as organizer.

Thank you University of the Philippines- Manila. Goodluck University of Santo Tomas for the next conference. And standby De La Salle University!

That was epic!
Marie :)