Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Lasallians, BE CONNECTED ;)

The Office of the Executive Secretary and DLSU PUSO bring you the FIRST EVER Centralized Communication Channel which will allow you to receive announcements (classes, schedules, university-wide activities) through your subscribed cellphone number for FREE via GLOBE/TM, SMART/TnT or SUN. 

Other services also include: inquiries on enrollment schedule, holiday schedules, schedule of UAAP games, and many more by texting the keywords that will be provided. There will be no additional charges; standard rates would apply (no charge if subscribed to an unlimited plan).


Check the link for more details: www.dlsu-usg.com/ccc/

Brought to you by:

The Office of the Executive Secretary and DLSU PUSO (Parents of University Students Orgaization)

To all Lasallians: Please read and please pass!

The TRIAL implementation of the NO COMPLIANCE, NO ENTRY policy regarding the dress code will start on Monday, Feb 6.

The existing dress code is still the same except for a few clarifications w/ tops, footwear, skirts, but the MAIN difference is that at the gates, there will be a NO COMPLIANCE, NO ENTRY policy, meaning starting next year, if students are violating, before they even enter they won’t be issued a minor offense anymore but they just won’t be allowed to enter. This is something EXTREME so students will definitely need to be informed and trained to get used to this. 

It is imperative that we inform the student body about the NEW DRESS CODE POLICY effective next A.Y. 2012-13, and the TRIAL implementation this term starting Feb 6, Monday. The guards won’t let students enter but will warn students starting Monday.

- Cabe Aquino


From the Arts College Government,

LIBERAL LEADERS, still out of the loop? Not yet part of CLA's circle? Then go Google+ and experience a NEW social networking experience! 

1. Visit the Google+ Page
2. Sign in using your @dlsu.ph acct (firstname_lastname@dlsu.ph, password: your MLS password)
3. Once back in Google+, click upgrade! And fill up required fields.
4. Now that you're on Google+, search "DLSU COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS" and add to your circles!
5. Tell your fellow LIBERAL LEADERS to do the same.

For more information, visit the Google+ booth at Central Plaza this "DLSU Google Week", Jan 30 - Feb 3, and win amazing prices!

Thank you! Animo!

Be informed,
Marie :)