Monday, January 23, 2012


1. I sleep late since class started January 5th. Was able to sleep long only on weekends
2. Mouth sores
3. Active in school orgs except for some now
4. Attended 2 debuts for the month of January
5. Won in giveaways.
6. Scorpio
7. Loves chocolates
8. Blogger not fashion though. Anything related under the sun
9. Frustrated emcee/host
10. Wants her own camera, laptop, and touch phone
11. Discrete eyebags
12. I don't know if I'm loving my course or what
13. Single since... 4th year HS and I'm 2nd Yr college now
14. 2nd Year College, technically 3rd Year because we're trimester
15. La Sallian
16. Join lang ng join sa giveaways
17. Wished to be featured on tv, magazine, etc...
18. Always been to the good part of debuts (gifts, wishes) not shots
19. Have 3 emails
20. Muscles and big thighs
21. Unruly, wavy hair
22. One year since I relaxed my hair
23. Annoyed by my curly bangs. Yeah, don't know what to do with my hair
24. Sht! Im gaining weight and size (little lang)
25. Volleyball player
26. Night owl
27. Hates the sounds of cellphone keypads
28. Goes to bazaars and get tickets for free
29. I want to mani/pedi to nail/salons again. Been long.
30. This is a TT in twitter. #30thingsaboutme yet I'm blogging it.

How was that,
Marie :)