Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Lasallians, BE CONNECTED ;)

The Office of the Executive Secretary and DLSU PUSO bring you the FIRST EVER Centralized Communication Channel which will allow you to receive announcements (classes, schedules, university-wide activities) through your subscribed cellphone number for FREE via GLOBE/TM, SMART/TnT or SUN. 

Other services also include: inquiries on enrollment schedule, holiday schedules, schedule of UAAP games, and many more by texting the keywords that will be provided. There will be no additional charges; standard rates would apply (no charge if subscribed to an unlimited plan).


Check the link for more details: www.dlsu-usg.com/ccc/

Brought to you by:

The Office of the Executive Secretary and DLSU PUSO (Parents of University Students Orgaization)

To all Lasallians: Please read and please pass!

The TRIAL implementation of the NO COMPLIANCE, NO ENTRY policy regarding the dress code will start on Monday, Feb 6.

The existing dress code is still the same except for a few clarifications w/ tops, footwear, skirts, but the MAIN difference is that at the gates, there will be a NO COMPLIANCE, NO ENTRY policy, meaning starting next year, if students are violating, before they even enter they won’t be issued a minor offense anymore but they just won’t be allowed to enter. This is something EXTREME so students will definitely need to be informed and trained to get used to this. 

It is imperative that we inform the student body about the NEW DRESS CODE POLICY effective next A.Y. 2012-13, and the TRIAL implementation this term starting Feb 6, Monday. The guards won’t let students enter but will warn students starting Monday.

- Cabe Aquino


From the Arts College Government,

LIBERAL LEADERS, still out of the loop? Not yet part of CLA's circle? Then go Google+ and experience a NEW social networking experience! 

1. Visit the Google+ Page
2. Sign in using your @dlsu.ph acct (firstname_lastname@dlsu.ph, password: your MLS password)
3. Once back in Google+, click upgrade! And fill up required fields.
4. Now that you're on Google+, search "DLSU COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS" and add to your circles!
5. Tell your fellow LIBERAL LEADERS to do the same.

For more information, visit the Google+ booth at Central Plaza this "DLSU Google Week", Jan 30 - Feb 3, and win amazing prices!

Thank you! Animo!

Be informed,
Marie :)

Three Musketeers

Yes, I am the one at the center (left photo) and left (right photo). I know I look cool! :) HAHA

Goodnight from the kids,
Marie :*


1. Multi-talented person
2. Spontaneous sweet guy
3. Unusual architectural buildings and houses
4. Hugs of comfort
5. Travelling seas and lands
6. Knowing that there's a person who will be there for you, ups and downs
7. Sweet-smelling guy
8. Adorable kids 
9. You!

HAHAHAHA! I like the 10th!
Marie :)

Monday, January 30, 2012


1. Second Year College
2. Will be graduating next school year!
3. Course: AB Behavioral Science with the long major. Major in Organizational and Social Systems Development
4. La Sallian
5. Active person
6. Ganda kilay ;) (Beautiful eyebrows)
7. Olive complexion
8. Wavy hair
9. I have dimples. Just so you know
10. This is my blog. Again, another TT in Twitter yesterday.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012


This is the phone I'm using since April or May last year. My mom and aunt bought it that's why when I first received it I don't like it. I'm not there to choose the phone I want though and this is the cheapest they found. Not I'm saying that I don't like it or like it, nasanay na ako. And somehow, became contented. This has 1gb memory card and lost. :( It's full of songs pa naman.

And for a changeeee...

Watch a sneak peek of this little yet amazing phone from ALCATEL!

See reviews of this phone from Laureen Uy Here and Vern Enciso Here.

Grabeee! I so love the phone. Now, anyone who's willing to give me this phone?

Valentines's gift,
Marie :)


1. I sleep late since class started January 5th. Was able to sleep long only on weekends
2. Mouth sores
3. Active in school orgs except for some now
4. Attended 2 debuts for the month of January
5. Won in giveaways.
6. Scorpio
7. Loves chocolates
8. Blogger not fashion though. Anything related under the sun
9. Frustrated emcee/host
10. Wants her own camera, laptop, and touch phone
11. Discrete eyebags
12. I don't know if I'm loving my course or what
13. Single since... 4th year HS and I'm 2nd Yr college now
14. 2nd Year College, technically 3rd Year because we're trimester
15. La Sallian
16. Join lang ng join sa giveaways
17. Wished to be featured on tv, magazine, etc...
18. Always been to the good part of debuts (gifts, wishes) not shots
19. Have 3 emails
20. Muscles and big thighs
21. Unruly, wavy hair
22. One year since I relaxed my hair
23. Annoyed by my curly bangs. Yeah, don't know what to do with my hair
24. Sht! Im gaining weight and size (little lang)
25. Volleyball player
26. Night owl
27. Hates the sounds of cellphone keypads
28. Goes to bazaars and get tickets for free
29. I want to mani/pedi to nail/salons again. Been long.
30. This is a TT in twitter. #30thingsaboutme yet I'm blogging it.

How was that,
Marie :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's more fun in DLSU

*I covered names and photo of people for protection.

The youtube video, ID bell scan.

You see why it's more fun in DLSU,
Marie ;)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Arrah's 18th with SLAs

Cham, Me (in Erina's dress), Miszy!

These people I love and laugh with. I may not know a lot about them, but intuition helps. Chumichikka!

 Arrah's 18th with SLAs! :)
I super duper miss these people. Sorry guys, I don't get to visit the office often. Sarap lang umuwi ng maaga e.
Iloveyou guys! <3 <3

*There are photos were we're a bit tipsy. And I hardly know what of these photos are those. Maybe you can recognize it!
I'll keep up! Sana namimiss niyo rin ako! :(
Marie :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ang Guro

Ang guro sa atin nagtuturo.
Masipag magsulat,
'pagkat 'yon ang dapat.
Para estudyanteng magulo, tumino.
May matututunan at malalampasan.

Ako'y Tutula

Diyos ko, Diyos niyo rin ba?

Ako'y totoong naniniwala sa Diyos,
kayo meron ba kayong Diyos?
Diyos ang para sa aki'y pinakadakila,
Siya ang may gawa ng langit at lupa.
Kaya lahat ng kanyang bigay,
aki'y di lamang pinasasalamatan,
kundi akin ring iniingatan.

She says it's Katy Perry

I wish I'll be going to Katy Perry's concert. As promised, here's the photo from the photobooth from Ally's debut. :)

My bestfriend and I show some love.

A few of my high school classmates who also came, Kenneth, Senen, Jerem. Wala pa si Mario.

Pushing Senen away! :) Look how he disappeared on the pictures.

Bangurls, incomplete :/

The photo that won the title! :) She's the one who said it! :> California girls? HAHA

Cherish, Nathiel, Me, and Nica
Nica, Cherish, and Nathiel
 The bully at the photobooth,
Marie ;)

Monday, January 9, 2012

For girls: Track down your cycle

This site was introduced in our GENDERS class two terms ago to track down our cycle. Well, I think not anyone tried it but for me it’s helpful since I have irregular cycles going on as you can see. It lasted for months and weeks for me to have my monthly cycle again. And if ever you need to sign something for medical purpose and asks for this, it will be easy to check.
Just sign up and login at monthlyinfo.com
Hope this helps girls,

Ally's 18th

Last Saturday, again, I attended a high school classmate's debut. I won't spill more on the details. For some, it started late. Photo booth photos will be posted soon as it is uploaded on the site. First event of January.

Jerem, Nica, and Me

First three set with my co-villagers, lower right with high school friends

Some of the barkada in our village, Shasha and Owen

Part of the 18 candles, Me, Nica, Alou, and Renzi.

Again, I have no solo outfit shot. :| Gaaah.

What I'm wearing: Orange one-shouldered dress from Celine borrowed from Keico| Accessories- My Tita's| Polkadot shoes- thrifted| Clip- Pinkbox

In the color of the year,

ID Pic

Which one's better? I like the one where's my tongue's out. Kaso nga lang informal.

What do you look like on your ID or ID pictures for school,
Marie :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012


"Don't be a villain to yourself, it's a refute if you do it."

"Don't lose hope. It always come."

"Give the best enough for yourself."

"Leave bad things, good things will not."

"Love yourself first before others."

"You made the right decision."

"We, people, rules!"

"Cool stuffs never dies, they rock!"


According to the paper where I wrote this  quotes, it is originally written by me daw. If any similarities were seen, it's unintentional.

Sky and Stars

Everytime I am sad, I always look above because, I know God is there
It is my communication to God, aside from Prayers.
The stars, represents our star, our angel.

- Marie Castro, 2007

Christmas and New Year's Gifts

Before and After Christmas and after New Year I have received the prizes I won from different blog giveaways! Lucky me then. HAHA! Anyhow, thank you amazing bloggers for these amazing products.

H&M Scarf from JP Singson, Skin Food Sample kit from Chic and Sassy Mom, Garnier Products from GarnierPH's promo on Twitter, HBC products thru CodenameAYA,  and FAB Manila Items from Arnie Villanueva.

Envelope clutch in my favorite color and sunnies case 

Garnier Gift Pack!
BB Roll-on and light cream

Facial masks I love and light facial scrub!

HBC gift pack

Natural, Beige, Light Mousse foundation.

And of course, the latest from Joana Cinco, clothes! :))
Skin Food sample kit, toner and moisturizer.

H&M scarf.

And what?? Today, I... (Sorry international blog readers but I have to narrate my story in my mother tongue.)
Just got home from a stroll, mall hopping, and window shopping at Makati! :> I strolled at Ortigas, I strolled at Makati. Next time, I should do a stroll around BGC! (Bonifacio Global City!) I shall before I have a car to be familiarize. :))
Ayy, true! Kasi dapat kukunin ko lang yung Garnier package ko sa may Ayala Avenue. Nung nagsesearch ako papuntang headquarters ng Garnier na Netbooster Asia sa Antel Bldg, sabi ko bahala na. Basta ang binigay nilang clue, sa likod sila ng PBCOM bldg.  Since nung summer, sumakay ako sa Gil Puyat-Buendia ng bus na dadaan ng Makati yun ulit ginawa ko. At yung bus nadadaanan nila yung Greenbelt at Glorietta. So back to my story, ang alam ko papuntang Antel, Salcedo St. Yun yung sabi ng Google sa direction, yun din sabi ko sa bus, Ayala-Salcedo. Ayon pa sa Google, 2nd right yun pagka-Ayala Avenue, e'di feeling ko nakalagpas na ng 2nd right. Nagstop yung bus, medyo matagal. Tumayo ako sa kinauupuan ko at diretso na sana bumaba, pinigilan ako nung driver at konduktor, "Ayy miss, di po pwede dyan." For seconds, blanko utak ko tapos back to reality, "Baka po hulihin po kayo dyan, umupo nalang po muna ulit kayo." Kabado ako kasi akala ko nga lagpas na, sige, gora lang sinunod ko sila Kuya. Yun pala for LOADING lang yung area na yun! Shz! Di ko alam na may ganun sa Makati, sorry naman. Nung one time kasi di naman ako sa Ayala Ave. napadpad e, tsaka nakasakay ako sa bus nun dati din so malay ko ba na may ganun. Sabi ko, sige dun na nga lang sa unloading. Ay ay ay, may katabi pala akong foreigner nun, (Wit na ko keme kahit malakas yung pagkakasabi nila Kuya na wag akong bumaba at narinig ng mga pasahero) nagtanong siya, Ingles malamang, "What happened?" I answered, "It's only for loading, well, I didn't know. I haven't been here before." Totoo naman, di pa ako nakapagcommute sa Makati na bababa na lang kung saan. So nice ang Makati for that! Thumsb up! For LOADING and UNLOADING area. Bear with me guys, haba ng translation ko ng day ko ngayon e. Napakaoverwhelming. So yun, ang nakikita ko nang kalye sa harap ko ay Paseo de Roxas, eh Salcedo nga ang nasa isip ko, "Nasaan na  ba yun, bakit di ko man lang makita yung street name?" So bumaba ako sa unloading area bago mag-Paseo. Di ko alam kung saan ako pupunta, didiretso ba ako pa-Paseo o babalik. Naglakad ako paharap, ay hindi, pabalik na pala. Sige, lakad. Tingin-tingin, tapos nakita ko sa kabilang side yung PBCOM, ayun! Tawid ako sa underpass, lakad ako sa gilid. "Sabi sa likod asan na?" Eh nasa gilid pa lang ako nun, pabalik na sana ulit ako o padiretso. Naliligaw na e. Sige, liko nga ako. "Bahala na." Lumiko ako sa likod na mismo ng PBCOM yun, tapos yung pace ko parang sumisilip-silip hanggang may makitang Antel. May nakikita akong A- AN- "Ayun, Antel! Parang familiar. Nasaan na pinto nito, sabi likod?" E lumiko nanaman ako sa gilid, "Anak ng nasa gilid naman pala e. Teka, familiar talaga. Aaah! Dito nagparty yung BSS and MES noon. Tama!" Akyat na ako and I claimed my prize! Wheee!

So sabi ko nga di ba, since nagbus ako, nadadaanan nila Greenbelt and Glorietta, "Sige nga, mag-eexplore ako." So susundan ko yung dinadaanan ng bus, pero dahil wais ako, may shortcut kahit na di ko alam kung ano na dinadaanan ko at di ko na makita ang main avenue kung saan ako nanggaling. Little did I know nasa Ayala Tower na ako, Ayala Triangle. Sige naman ako. "Ahhh, eto pala yung Ayala triangle. Now I know! Wow, ang daming kainan. (Nagugutom ako. Nanunuyot na lalamunan ko.) Lakad lang. Hanggang may narating akong underpass tapos overpass tapos papunta na palang Greenbelt yun! Swear! Dire-diretso talaga lakad ko, kung saan mapadpad. "Ahh, eto pala yung Greenbelt, sige ikot ako." Pasyal naman si ako. Lintek! Pinaghiwa-hiwalay pa. At yun, tumambay ako sa Power Mac Center sa gumamit ng displayed Ipad2, nag-Instagram, nagtweet ng sale na stores na halos naman yata lahat e sale, at pumicture sa Ipad2 pero delete-delete din.  Ang haba ng nilakad at inikot ko ah. As in from top floor, dulo to dulo then pababa ng pababa. Sulitin na. Minsan lang naman ako pumunta dito at first time ko except sa Greenbelt2 noong nag-Barcino ako with Rovie and his boyfriend and company.

Tapos na ako mag-Greenbelt, nakalimutan ko kung paano pumunta sa Glorietta, balik ako sa overpass papuntang Greenbelt kasi andun yung mapa, tingin naman ako. "Ah ayun! Sa likod ng Landmark!" Pangalawang balik ko na pala yun kasi papunta na akong Landmark pero naghesitate ako, "tangits, saan dito yung Glorietta?" Alam mo naman Makati, matatayog ang gusali at nagsisitaguan kaya mahirap hanapin. Yan yung time na narealize ko, "Guuuh! Bahala na. Balik na nga lang ulit ako at dumaan sa gilid ng Landmark." Pabalik na ako, may nagppromote na GreenPeace. Medyo alam ko yung org, inalok ako, i-smile lang ako. Ang bagal pa ng lakad ko, "Sige na nga, balik ako! Volunteer daw e. Wow! Maganda 'to, I'm doing something good for my country." Balik naman ako, "Ano po iyan?" Ayun, nag-brief yung babaw kung ano yung ginagawa ng GreenPeace, nakikinig naman ako pero gusto ko na yung part kung paano magvolunteer ayan na! "...pwede na po kayong mag-member, may credit card po ba kayo kasi yun lang po yung pwede naming tanggapin para ma-assure talaga yung volunteerism." " Yun na nga ba sinasabi ko e, wala akong credit card o anumang card." Gora ako after. Nasa overpass na ako papuntang Landmark, oo pumasok ako! Di ko sinunod yung sinabi ko na dumaan sa gilid magaling ako. Di ko na inikot yung Landmark since medyo alam ko nanaman yung mga binebenta doon, hanap ko talaga yung mag boutiques at sosyaling mall at stores, speaking of nakita ko ang Balenciaga at Hermes store sa Greenbelt. Wow ah. Tapos LV and Gucci nung patawid na ako sa Landmark. LOLs. Nasa labas ba naman kasi ang mga entrances nila. Sige, Landmark, bumaba ako instead umakyat. Saktow! May labasan at yun yung Glorietta sa tabi. Tawid ako. Nakapasok na. "Whaaat! Ano 'tong nakikita kong Glorietta3?" Tapos sa kabilang gilid 4 naman. "Walangya nanaman oh. Pinaghiwalay pa." Lakad lang, at dahil feeling ko nga e gutom at dehydrated ako, bumili ako ng Zagu.

Nung naikot ko na up and down yung Glo, tapos na. Tumawid ako sa SM. Aba, parang nagmall hopping ako. HOPPING talaga, magkakatabi lang. Pero since alam ko na din ang laman ng SM hinanap ko nalang ang daan pauwi at nagbus nalang ako sa Edsa-Ayala. Biruin mo, from Ayala Avenue- Rufino St. to Edsa-Ayala tapos paikot-ikot at pabalik-balik pa ako sa malls nun, ilang kilometro kaya nalakad ko? Estimated ko nga more or less 10 kilometers. Bwahaha! :)

Okay na rin sana yung lakad ko kanina. Kaso wala talaga yung capturing the moment. Dun ako kulang na kulang e. :| Regaluhan niyo naman ako camera oh.

What a long story, Marie. Thank you for sharing!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Little Black Dress

    Sky Lot Bandage Mini Dress in Black
Photo from ShopStyle.com

There are really only two things to remember when you're trying to dress modestly: fit and coverage.
1 Make sure that your clothing fits you correctly. Here are a few things to think about:

  • A bad gap. When purchasing button-down shirts, make sure that they're the right size. The buttons should lie flat down the middle. Thus you avoid unintentionally flashing people, and you won't have to worry about having chilly gusts of wind blow across your chest.
  • Lamaze for beginners? When zipping up a pair of pants requires special breathing exercises, it's a sign that the pants are too tight. Usually one size bigger will be a good fit (not to mention the fact that you'll actually be able to walk). 
  •  The wrinkle rule. When shopping for shirts, make sure that they don't pull, crease, or wrinkle across the chest. You'll avoid drawing extra attention to that area.
 2 Make sure that your clothing covers you well. Here are few guidelines that may help:
  •  I see London. If a skirt or a pair of shorts is so short that it gives others a glimpse of your  underwear, it's a good idea to buy something a bit longer. ( I like my underwear, but that doesn't mean everyone else should see it.)
  • I see France. If bending over gives people a full (or partial) view of a bra or worse, this is definitely a neckline to worry about. You could avoid bending over, but you'll be a lot comfortable if you just leave this one on its hanger.
  • I'm coming out! You're belly button may be absolutely adorable, but that doesn't mean that it's the best accessory to every outfit in your wardrobe. Showing off too much of your abdomen often allows people to see other things that are much better off covered up.
Velthouse, Lisa. “In My Closet.”Saving My First Kiss: Why I’m Keeping Confetti In My Closet. Ventura, CA: Regal Books, 2003. 111-112. Print.


Don’t let yourself fall in love with somebody just to say that you’ve fallen in love. Wait and hope for the kind of guy you dream of 
Don’t let your age or your circumstances diminish the way that you dream. Wait and hope. 
Don’t lower your standards just so you can have a guy on your arm and a vase full of flowers on your dresser. Wait and hope. 
Don’t let your fear make you ignore the deepest dreams in your heart. Wait and hope.

Velthouse, Lisa. “In My Closet.”Saving My First Kiss: Why I’m Keeping Confetti In My Closet. Ventura, CA: Regal Books, 2003. 190. Print.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sixth Term in DLSU

By Thursday, 8am class, from Yuchengo Building to Andrew Hall, that's a long way to walk and run. From 5th to 8th floor. I need a breathing exercise for this. AH! This is the right exercise. Technically, on my third year of college. Am I right? 

Second year, second term.
Classes start again, new term!
Marie :D

One-half lengthwise

Before I wrote all the giveaways I'm joining here, last year, 2011. Just mid-December, because I was hook on joining giveaways months away before 2012, I jotted them down on a piece of paper. And I highlighted them after the date stated that they will announce their winners so I won't be confused. (Don't be bothered on my position on the photo, I rotated it. The paper is a 1/2 lengthwise.)

There are crosses and highlights,
Marie :)