Saturday, December 31, 2011

A little bit Barbie II

Last December 19, 2011, my bestfriend, Nica Tutti celebrated her 18th birthday somewhere along Commonwealth Avenue. It was a mini reunion for our section and selected high school mates. I became flirty towards the end because I was tipsy. Yeah?

The theme was Barbie, but you will not see a lot of people looking like a Barbie. You will only see colors associated to Barbie which are Pink, pink, and maybe violet.

The debutante herself, Nica Tutti in Landmark dress.
And to fill the missing space, I have to insert a random photo.
Boys from High School 
(L-R except center, Nica Tutti: David Lindo, Mario Regala, Wayne Friginal, Aljohn Gemeniano, Jerem Ruelos, Senen Jalgalado, Lawrens Dumandan, Paul John Tolentino, Clarens Dumandan)
The 18 Kens (Roses and Dance)
The boys dance Teach me how to dougie after the 18 roses.

18 Dolls (Gifts) This are shots mainly from High School and two of college friends.

I'm reading my letter made and done on that night.

Selected High School Mates
Kuya Aljohn, Ate Pau, and Ally

Great party Nica,
Marie :*