Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A-Fort-noon (Afternoon at The Fort) x Bloggers United 2

We won passes for Bloggers United 2 at Treston International College, The Fort, Taguig last December 3, 2011! Mads and I won from different bloggers! Me from Sarah Tirona and Nicole Santos. Mads from Aie Corpuz and I'm her +1 on her entry. That is how assured I was that I will be going to that event. It's enough that I won thrice! 

The night before the event, Mads and I were exchanging text messages. Then she suddenly asked me the most undaunting message I received asking if it was okay IF SHE WOULD NOT COME FOR THAT DAY! I'm like ASDFGHJKL! I said, "No, or I'll be mad at you!" Okay, she'll try. She haven't asked permission yet on her parents, she did and unexpectedly, YES! She's good with the event, she can go. Lots of exchange of text messages, what will we be wearing, what time will we meet, where will we meet. 

Answer: On their house, by 11am. Huh! Broken! I went there minutes before 12pm because I have to finish one research due Monday. Before we left their house, I asked if I could use their laptop and type my research. It took me an hour or less to finish my research. (Her parents were there when I entered their house. Her mother said, "Tingnan mo si Marie, nakapantalon." Well, I'm not really wearing a denim. Her father followed up, "Tingnan mo si Madel. Sige, akyat ka na." And went upstairs.) In fact, Mads was dressed properly! in lengthy shorts and long sleeved white polo. It's just that, we'll be  going to the venue via commute. Safety nga naman and beware of maniacs on the streets. (Sumisigaw na pala ang parents ni Mads because we prolonged the actual time we're supposed to leave due to my research. Sample: 12:30pm "Ala-una na Mads!" "Opo, may ginagawa lang. (Ako yun, nagtatype)" After a couple of minutes, "Wag na lang kayo umalis, anong oras na." And another, "Alas-dos na." (Eh, it's  1pm pa lang). How Mad's parents were protective of her.) 

So we left by 1pm and followed How to go to Treston (via commute) through Ana Gonzales' blog.
We rode a van to SM North and jump in to MRT North Ave. to Ayala Station. When we went off the station, oops! Wrong way, we passed the first corner to turn and made it to the main highway a few meters away from the corner of the bus terminal. So we asked, and oh that's it pala. WOWW! This is what the bus looks like from the outside. Seats are facing each other not the usual bus seats facing front. When we got at the bus terminal, there's a synchronized way of riding it. You'll have to enter a gate, buy ticket at the ticket window, EAST Route to EDSA/MarketMarket, WEST Route, I think to Makati side, I forgot. So we rode the EAST ROUTE and were on standing status.

 We got off near Metro dept store, Market Market and cross the road to every nation, turned left and walked. Presto! Treston!

Long post eh? Part 1 on the dot. Wait for the second post.
Marie :*

Photos are grabbed from Madel but was shot by me except the BU2 poster officially reposted.