Friday, December 23, 2011

Close Up Philippines x Breaking Dawn

Thank you again, Close Up for treatimg me and my friends to watch the premiere of Breaking Dawn last November 18, 2011. I have only browsed the photos now. Here's the ENTRY where I blogged my winning. There should be three of us. I invited 3 friends for that one entry but they backed out due to other schedules. The one who's supposedly to join us got hold-up on the way. :(  That's bad. He didn't have enough money tapos tinutukan pa siya ng kutsilyo. He made a way to contact me and asked how he is the next morning. So, the food and seat that is reserved for that friend were used by the two of us, Chai and Me!

Top- Fila| Pants- Thrifted| Belt- Thrifted| Bag-

Photo from Close Up Philippines Fan Page

Another community event please, Close Up!
Marie :*