Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Wishlist II

A much simpler and cheaper one.

1. Accessories Holder/ Jewelry Case

2. File/Desk Organizers

3. More flats


4. Undergarments ( Pakapalan na ng mukha!! :) )


These includes brassieres, bras, panties, cycling, sports bra please! :)) All sorts, all types, all kinds! HAHA
There's one store that really sells this sort that I always see in Rob Manila or Trinoma e. I forgot the name. Anyone? They have like 3 for 1k for an undergarment.

5. Ballpen (Box or piece if expensive)

Image Detail
G-tec Black 0.3 (One box! :D)

Parker may do! ;)

Uni Pen (The blue one beside the pencil. Or this kinds of pen! Black ha! Except the pencil!)

6. Lighter

If you saw my lighter, that kind. It's Chrome and green flamed. For emergency purpose. Huhuhu! It's missing e.

7. Hair clips/pins

Image Detail

There wishy-wishy again. :> Much cheaper e, right? Merry Christmas!!
Marie :)