Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bloggers United 2 Adventure

An adventure. Yes! A lot happened even before we enter Treston. On my last post, if not posted, I'll tell here. Sumakit ang paa ko dahil sa sapatos ni Mads. Yes! When we went home we changed footwear, she's wearing my flats, me her wedges. Like the fck, I'm carrying the weight of her wedge! So anyhoo, I borrowed heels from her. Before we turned block away from Treston I changed to the nude heels I borrowed from her Ate. (Dyusko po, carry naman e. Kaso talaga manipis yung platform nung heels and natatapilok ako.) We were joking, "Oy, mabali yang sapatos ha. Papalitan mo yan." "Anong mababali? Paa ko yata mababali dito e." Yeah! That was how hard wearing that heels. Sorry no photo provided, too bad. 

***Take note: I stumbled while wearing that shoe when I was just standing and moving slowly sideways to take a shot of Treston. We were laughing badly! I think someone saw me stumble by the entrance of Treston.

We registered and received freebies, flyers and what-so's.

Promoting Treston! Thinking what to do with Treston flyers and bundles. Kotex Luxe! The exact same day was my first day! I only noticed when I got home and shit when I pulled down my pants, bloody hell! Yeah, sorry for being straightforward. (Kaya pala, feeling ko nung nasa venue pa kami, parang sakto kasi almost one month na and I should have my cycle na. Akala ko late na naman e. Kung may tagos, yes! Kaso di halata kasi we were like standing and walking all the way home. We sat down when we rode the fx-van to our place. Thank God di natagusan yung fx-van kasi nasa gitna yung tagos kaya di halata. Wala sa pwet! As in between my thighs.) Thank you Kotex! When we left Nivea na ang freebies. (Sayang, may balak pa akong mag-reg ulit. bwahaha!)

Going back!

Laureen Uy and Divine Lee hosting one part of the event.

Imagine what Mads and I did the whole time were there, 2 hours more or less to be exact! We just roamed around, browsed a little, took few photos with the other bloggers. We roamed and walked around the area for 'n' times. We couldn't even count it. We didn't buy a lot. I did not buy anything too. Mads, only purchased a make-up brush kit.

Before we left, at the entrance there's a booth of Meg Magazine. You just have to like their page and you'll get a free issue of Meg Magazine! So we did!

Few interactions, more blogger event to come,
Marie :*