Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blog views and most viewed

I may say that I might be in some way unaware of this page here in blogger though I just recently checked the links here on my dashboard. I did not know that I can see who views my blog here or must I say that I did not clicked all the links that I am not aware of until my friend, Madel Gonzales expounded it to me when she said that most of her readers were from Russia. So here I am checking who views my page the most and what post is most read.

Most of my views came from Filipino people, thank youuuu so much for reading and supporting my blog!
And for the most read/viewed post, a poem made when I was in high school for English subject, Teardrops on my Guitar.

If you want to see who views your profile and what is most read, click on STATS at the farthest right of your blog's dashboard page and there it is. Links for Overview, Posts, Traffics and Audience! 


Now I know how,
Marie :*