Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tribute to the Eraseheads: HUMAART Music Activity

I have a subject in school coded HUMAART and is really Art Appreciation. The lessons were divided into 5 categories of art, namely, Painting, Music, Sculpture, Architecture and Film. We're done on the first three and ongoing on the 4th lesson. Anyway, every after of what we call Genre lessons, we have an activity and quiz. For this very special lesson we had, we have to reinvent and make a music video out of and inspired by the band Eraserheads. Here is where I have introduced and shared to you our lesson about one of the music video of Eraserheads, Huling El Bimbo. You might want to take a look and watch. I'm only asking a few minutes of your precious time to render me your ears and eyes as you see the very creative output we've come up with songs of Eraserheads.

Walang Nagbago
One of their groupmate is my blockmate whom also part of the theater org in DLSU, Rhoella Jean Acedillo.


The girl here who is the main actor is also my friend, course mate, Bianca Cuatico.

Maling Akala

Trip to Jerusalem
The editor of this video is a co-YFC in campus based, Elaijamin Bautista.


I'm the editor. I'm also with my former blockmate, Ramon Galang!
Clap for our group!

I wasn't able to download the other group's vid, here's the link instead, Wishing Wells.

There! Enjoy and Thank you for your time!

All smiles!