Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ms. D

Click the photo for a clearer view! :))

or read here:
Hi Ms. D! Super idol na kita. Sa tuwing binabasa ko ang blog, dami kong tawa at nahahyper ako. You’re an inspiration. I want to meet you personally!! Wala bang hang-out dyan with your followers and have a spa party? :) Loveyou Ms. D! Kudos!

D: Yan na pala ang hyper. choz! Gandang idea yan ha. SPA PARTY TALAGA! Yes, bongga ang celebrity nails so papaservice ako. I’ll do that nga soon :)
 Much love,

Yes! I've been browsing blogs of our own local celebrities, fashion designers, bloggers and travellers. Most of all, I love Ms. Divine Lee a.k.a. Ms D on how she respond on her followers. Not only does she has a good heart to reach out for everyone but she fits in to the people especially the one she's fighting for, gay rights.

First stop, I sent her a question! Second, to submit a fierce photo! HAHA! I'm that ambitious! 

Whenever I read her blog, she never fails to make me laugh and appreciate what is around us. I love you Ms. D! You're really an inspiration. 

Smiles! ;)