Thursday, November 24, 2011

Meg's It Girl Party Series featuring Laureen Uy and Camille Co

How did I know about the event? I'm a regular visitor of Laureen Uy and Camille Co's blog. I saw a post first on Laureen Uy's page, Something Exciting from Laureen and Camille. I did not focused on the blahs and aahs, I read it through not understanding every word and saw my favorite words, "join, get invited, HERE'S HOW" most especially. To expound more, I'm joining a lot of blog giveaways recently, so every time I see a bullet of numbers on how to join, I click right away!

On the night of the announcement of  winners, luckily a close friend of mine, Madel Gonzales, was online. Our internet connections is crappy until now so I can't stay late using the laptop. We're using only Globe Tattoo now, and I have registered it to only one hour of internet connection due to lack of load. So yeah, after an hour or 30 minutes I guess. She sent me a text message saying, "Marie, panalo ka sa KYSS event ni Laureen Uy." Unfortunately, I was out of load so I opted to borrow my Tita's phone and replied to her. Another unfortunate event, we've talked it before also, that in every event we are to go, we will invite each other, eh she has appointment the next day that's why she won't be coming with me on this.

Because I only have a day and a half to prepare, I asked blogger friends what to wear with the theme "Cocktail Chic".

Thank you blogger friends! >:D<

Smiles :)