Wednesday, November 9, 2011


After reading natural ways of getting rid of oily skin from Angela Nieto's blog,  Brown Sugar Scrub and knowing that BROWN SUGAR can help in your beauty regimen I was enthused to discover the natural way of beauty products.

I don't have any skin problems, only one but not related to skin, or maybe it is. I need to wax, shave, or pluck hair from underarms or legs. Until I passed through a shop in SM Fairview, Barenaked. I remembered Nieto's blog about the sugar thing. Barenaked offers a service that uses sugar or what they call 'sugaring' as what is posted on their tarps. Oh, there's a waxing service too, disregard 'waxing' because it's called sugaring. Now, in front of the shop, sugaring is compared on waxing, which said that it is more safer, less pain, no ingrown hair, and cool-effect remedies that you may not find in waxing.

As I have passed by and read the difference- I have been a Laybare customer or wax-product person when it comes to getting rid of hair on exposed body parts-, there's nothing wrong if I try and see the difference. We'll see! There's only a 10php cost difference, with Laybare offering the cheaper one on same service that Barenaked also offer. I'm prying on how sugaring procedures go and feels. Maybe soon! I'll blog about it if it happens! HAHA

Looking forward it! Yey! Excited! SUGARING vs WAXING