Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blogs I follow

Let's take a break on re-posting blog giveaways. Sorry for the spamming. Hence, joining blog giveaways did made me want to win anything but it's best of luck. It's Taking Chances! ;) Many peops are joining and I can't always afford to be the winner. Oh how selfish of me!

See, through this communication blog thingy. I've seen fashion icons/enthusiast-generous person who wants their reader to benefit from reading their blogs. It inspired me to- hmm- improved on my outfit. Be active and love what I do. and to INSPIRE others too. I got one, my friend, high school mare and beloved girl friend (girl/friend not the one you're thinking), Madel Gonzales! I inspired her to make a blog. Hooray!

As you will view my blog, I have added a gadget on my sidebar. It is the list of fellow bloggers of whom are my favorites.
Ysabel Simone/Simone's Closet
Gen Cruz/ DLSU FAST 10 LA REP '11-'12

and added,

For the other blogger who are reading this and doesn't see their name on my sidebar, who knows
maybe the next day you're part of my favorite blog/person! Keep it up bloggers!