Thursday, November 3, 2011

Birthday Salubong: The Midnight Pizza Party

Because I was so desperate to celebrate my birthday, treat my friends and have something fun to do, especially memorable ones on my 18th birthday, I bought cakes with cup in the beginning and pizza for some treats night before the 23rd.

Angry Bird, Happy Birthday- Cakes R Us
DYC- Goldilocks
Pizza (Roast Beef, Manhattan Meatlovers)- Greenwich, Yellowcab

I invited few friends whom I know will be sure that could come twelfth midnight in our house. Sorry for those who haven't been invited, I don't know numbers of some e. So yeah, before I blew 18 sparkling candles for my birthday, I bid goodbye to my 17th on a pizza.

18 sparkling candles! :>

Since my 17th candle wasn't used on my last birthday, here's the creativity! :)

And my friends,

Nica and Ally + Me! :)

Mac, AJ, and PJ weren't included on the photos.

Aftermath of the cupcakes,


23rd of October 2011