Saturday, October 29, 2011

PFW Ticket


How did I won? As what Freyja instructed I sent her a mail why I want to win. Here's my share of a winning answer (forgive me for the boastfulness. HAHA):

"I would like to win a Philippine Fashion Week ticket for I want to witness the very first fashion show I will attend. Isn't it interesting that Filipino talents have their own spotlight in the limelight of fashion industry here in the Philippines. Young, experienced and neophytes of the industry has been given the chance to show their profound talent of designs and bizaares in clothing and beautifying Philippine Fashion. If I win, I am proud that I will be able to see and share the elegant yet very commendable fashion wears of the season! "

Did I make sense? I think I am! ASDFGHJL! Who will not be proud to see the newest collection of the known clothing brands of the country?