Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Yes, it's my birthday month and feels like I have been a bum. I am missing so much in school though I had only cut one class due to sickness and a birthday celebration just recently. (Oyeah, it's yesterday, Oct 11) Since we've been finishing a movie in that subject and the prof doesn't take attendance until we have an activity, I opted to cut the class and I think I have done it thrice already in that subject. It's forgivable- my reasons for cutting class. But then damn, they're so much work to do. I have to hype up for that subject for missing a lot in one meeting or two, a musical texture paper which I have been late for a day, an essay due Friday and we have a genre activity to do also but won't be able to attend cause we have an international conference on that day and I am an usher. Oh good Lord, help me through this!

Yeah, going back. The reason why I have been such a bummer too, because I have been sick for a week. FOR A WEEK. Plus the recovery days. It's hard having all the symptoms of colds and flu yet I am still going to class. With sores on my tongue and my mouth. It hurts to speak. I have to adjust my tongue and let the juices of my saliva flow. Yes, I had those on the 1st of October and for 7 days I bore them. Now, I only have runny nose that soon will be no more. I am taking medications. VITAMIN C! I'm lacking it now now, that's  why  I have colds. And in  our  PERSEF2 class, since our prof is a psych prof also, and our topic was about stress, she told also that colds could be a reason for a stress, then I thought, "Where am I stressed?" also, "How could I get a cold and flu by drizzle, by rain drops? How? How?" in verncular, "Nagpapaulan kasi." A friend answered it for me, "Because you sweat, and the drops mixed with your sweat. Bla bla and bla." So by sweating it is and because of the polluted rain drops.

Arggh! And I missed a speech in our SPEECOM, my only Saturday class. I did not go to class, because I want to recover from my sickness fully and because I have sores on my tongue, although it's not hurting that much anymore as of the previous days, I still chose not to go to class because I know I will be having a hard time to open my mouth and speak.

For now, I have to settle this issues and do the things needed to be done.