Tuesday, October 18, 2011


While we were discussing about the music of Eraserheads during our HUMAART (Art Appreciation) class, the depth and message of their songs, especially their hit 'Huling El Bimbo' which we examined the narratives. Sir asked, 'What's the motif of the story?', more like the theme, what is the greatest message. Emphasizing on the lines of sexual innuendos, "naninigas ang aking katawan,  nakatitindig balahibo, dumudulas ang kamay ko sa mainit mong braso." We did watched the music video that is why we're analyzing the song/music. Here, it is about innocence-- Lost of innocence. The narrative of the song is about childhood innocence to adult maturity. The class were talking seriously, jokingly this:

Sir: Ano opposite ng innocence?
Classmate: Guilty!
*everyone laughs! 
Sir(laughing): We are not talking of innocence here in a judicial degree.


Other things about the song, is the motif which shows circular motion, especially in the video- when they dance, the dishwashing thing(plate), when the guy heard about the girl getting pregnant and she's circling in the video, the 'plaka'. Those were some.

*In lieu of our discussion, we will be making a music video of their song Spolarium.

HAPPY E-HEADS Encounter! :)