Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Day Before

Before: October 11, 2011

An excerpt of the story from my previous blog October. It is this reason why I had cut my HUMAART class again. The event was fun naman e. (So conyo dear!) We went first to Iella's condo to maybe, somehow, IRDK, fetch Anna, her condomate.
When we got there, she has a cake from her condomate and we ate it- with Louise, a former blockmate of ours getting first. :)) After, we went to Prov (Providence Tower), a known videoke/karaoke place near Taft. We sang our hearts, lungs, and souls out, with massive interpretation and shouting.
Pocket Full of Sunshine, Power of Two, Touch My Body. AND other videoke birit songs

And we're waiting for our video to be uploaded. I am with my fellow blockmates. And oh photos are from Iella, the celebrant.


Sample of the songs sang: Love Story