Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Our PERSEF2 prof greatly refutes the idea that if you must study, do it in advance. It depends on the person. Here's her story:

 When she was in college, specifically on her chemistry subject, she didn't study... in advance. Whenever they have a quiz, she cram. Yet she got high grades.

What's her point?

 That you need not change what you should do. If you know you are good in cramming and receives high grades, SO BE IT! TRUST YOURSELF. It is only you and you who knows how to do things. Do not change habits. I do not provoke cramming, but I am also that kind of person, set aside memory- short-term or long-term. Ideas set in when I cram something, I do not prepare for it, not all the time. I dutifully trust myself that I can do great things even if it is just decided in a snap!

Study whatever you are comfortable with, cramming or advance! Kudos to you and your studies! Be inspired!