Saturday, October 29, 2011

French: On Ne S'aimera Plus Jamais

Larusso On ne s'aimera plus jamais Music Video | Watch Music Videos

On Ne S'aimera Plus Jamais


French (Original version):
On ne s'aimera plus jamais
Du même amour Oh oh
Terminer les si et les mais
Fin du parcour ooh ah yeah
On peut bien le tourner comme on veut
Toi et moi c'est fait de malheureux
On ne s'aimera plus jamais
Du même amour ah baby
A vivre d'excuses en regrets ooh ah
Quand tu me cours ooh aah
A quoi bon la guerre et le silence
Embrassons-nous et bonne chance

La, la, la, la, la, la (If your love can make me feel right)
Plus jamais (If your love can make me feel right)
Du même amour (Make it make it right)
On ne s'aimera plus jamais (If your love can make it feel right)
Oh, yeah! (If your love can make it feel right)
Du même amour (If your love can make it)

On n'a plus le geste et le mot
Plus d'illusion
No, no, no, no, no, no,no
Et tous ces instants perdus
Sans raison
Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
C'est tes mots qui nous a fait si peur
N'aura jamais sa dernière heure

Quand tu as finit de ce pas
Oh y'a plus d'amour, no,no,no
Voilà la fin de l'histoire
C'est fini, c'est fini
J'aurais bien voulu tout oublier
Je n'est réussi qu'a te pardonner

Repeat Refrain

Je vais garder ton sourire
Mon plus beau souvenir
Je vais garder ton sourire, baby
Et je dois partir
Rire ne sera plus
Oh! jamais, jamais
Yeah yeah yeah
No, no, no, no, no, no, yeah!

Repeat Refrain

(If your love can make me feel right)
(If your love can make me feel right)
(I know love can make it)

Repeat Refrain

On ne s'aimera plus jamais
Ah c'est fini, ah c'est fini
C'est fini, fini, fini
Plus jamais

English (Translated):

We’ll never love each other again
With the same love Oh oh
No more “ifs” or “buts”
End of the journey ooh ah yeah
We can phrase it as we like
You and me make two unhappy people
We’ll never love each other again
With the same love ah baby
Living from excuses to regrets ooh ah
We’re coming to an end ooh aah
What use are war and silence
Let’s kiss and good luck

Chorus :
La, la, la, la, la, la (If your love can make me feel right)
Never again (If your love can make me feel right)
With the same love (Make it make it right)
We’ll never love each other again (If your love can make it feel right)
Oh, yeah! (If your love can make it feel right)
With the same love (If your love can make it)

We don’t have the actions and the words anymore
No illusions anymore
No, no, no, no, no, no,no
And all those lost moments
Without a reason
Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
This love that scared us so
Will never have its final hour

When we stop believing each other
Oh there’s no more love, no, no, no
That’s the end of the story
It’s over, it’s over
I would have liked to forget everything
I only managed to forgive you

Repeat chorus

I will keep your smile
Our most beautiful memories
I will keep your smile, baby
And I belong to you
But we will not love each other again
Oh never, never
Yeah yeah yeah
No, no, no, no, no, no, yeah!

Repeat Refrain

(If your love can make me feel right)
(If your love can make me feel right)
(I know love can make it)

Repeat Refrain

We’ll never love each other again
Ah it’s over, ah it’s over
It’s over, over, over
Never again

I heard the song since when I was still a kid. I've only known recently that it's French. Sitti Navarro sang the song in ASAP Rocks: ASAP Sessionistas prod. When I've heard of it, it rang a bell on my ear. And alas! Then the song never came out of my head until now. As she introduced the song, she narrated that two ex-lovers decided to end the relationship and will never love each other anymore as they have not shown the same affection anymore.

PFW Ticket


How did I won? As what Freyja instructed I sent her a mail why I want to win. Here's my share of a winning answer (forgive me for the boastfulness. HAHA):

"I would like to win a Philippine Fashion Week ticket for I want to witness the very first fashion show I will attend. Isn't it interesting that Filipino talents have their own spotlight in the limelight of fashion industry here in the Philippines. Young, experienced and neophytes of the industry has been given the chance to show their profound talent of designs and bizaares in clothing and beautifying Philippine Fashion. If I win, I am proud that I will be able to see and share the elegant yet very commendable fashion wears of the season! "

Did I make sense? I think I am! ASDFGHJL! Who will not be proud to see the newest collection of the known clothing brands of the country?

Friday, October 28, 2011

More than one month no internet subscription

Yes, since Typhoon Falcon came our Internet connection was down for three weeks. After that, we had connection again for less than a month. Another typhoon came and our internet subscription was done not until today. That was hard reading all updates with slow connection and lagging network. And so I wish, no typhoon will ever affect our connection! If felt like I've been not part of the civilization without receiving updates through the net.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Probable gifts to give on my birthday ;) Affordable ones!

Hey, it's my 18th! Though I will not be having a party or any celebration at all, you can make it special. I am not assuming it will happen, but maybe somehow, you can get an idea how you will surprise me. I don't expect it to be grand. I posted here in my previous blog entitled Birthday Wishlist, also gifts I would like to receive for my birthday, this one is much affordable, just in case.

1. Paulo Coelho collection
2. Have A Little Faith by Mitch Albom
3. Clothes from Tomato, Cinderella, or The Ramp
4. Iphone 4 or Samsung Corby II or Galaxy
5. Notebook/Netbook (Apple if you can afford)
6. Set of ballpens (Black ones! .3, G-tec)
7. 2012 Planner
8. Steno notebook
9. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, sunglasses, big eyeglasses
10. Dresses (Cocktails, Knee length, Long gowns, for any occasions)
11. Cakes (Not from Goldilocks or Red Ribbon)
12. Ice cream especially Ube and Chocoate and Vanilla
13. A bouquet of flowers
14. Balloons! Bunch of them! All colors! Those that have strings! With smiley faces or dedication
15. Frame with my picture and messages of friends or portfolio of my nganga faces
16. Big greeting card
17. Online greeting card
18. Nail polish
19. Phineas and Ferb collectible (stuff toys or shirt)
20. Bags (satchels, backpack- Jansport)
21. Footwear- heels, flats, wedges, sandals
22. DSLR/Digital Camera (Nikon, Canon)

There, I think I have listed all. If you can't give on my birthday, there's still CHRISTMAS! 63 days more! :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


While we were discussing about the music of Eraserheads during our HUMAART (Art Appreciation) class, the depth and message of their songs, especially their hit 'Huling El Bimbo' which we examined the narratives. Sir asked, 'What's the motif of the story?', more like the theme, what is the greatest message. Emphasizing on the lines of sexual innuendos, "naninigas ang aking katawan,  nakatitindig balahibo, dumudulas ang kamay ko sa mainit mong braso." We did watched the music video that is why we're analyzing the song/music. Here, it is about innocence-- Lost of innocence. The narrative of the song is about childhood innocence to adult maturity. The class were talking seriously, jokingly this:

Sir: Ano opposite ng innocence?
Classmate: Guilty!
*everyone laughs! 
Sir(laughing): We are not talking of innocence here in a judicial degree.


Other things about the song, is the motif which shows circular motion, especially in the video- when they dance, the dishwashing thing(plate), when the guy heard about the girl getting pregnant and she's circling in the video, the 'plaka'. Those were some.

*In lieu of our discussion, we will be making a music video of their song Spolarium.

HAPPY E-HEADS Encounter! :)

Traffic Stress

Araw-araw nalang,
umaga man o gabi.
Maaga man o late na,
Asdfghjkl! :(
Sawa na ako madaanan 'to.


Thinking about my upcoming birthday, somewhere in between, it lead me to the idea that I will be blessed and not at the same time. Fair, equilibrium, balance. I'll be rewarded and discouraged on that day.

How I Draw My Friends :))

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Day After

Sequel to The Day Before.

After: October 12, 2011

Era and I had our org pictorial first that is why we were dressed this way. Keico was supposed to be included in the photo shoot but then it was already our turn. After, we waited for Keico at SG, which is South Gate and ate at Mang Inasal with Joshua. We saw T. Mayie too there, Joshua and I did. Then went to MOA to get our F&H polo shirt for Friday's conference and took a studio photo of ourselves before the shirts. We watched No Other Woman with Mac after. :) It is a nice week. Lord, keep it coming! :) Thank

The Day Before

Before: October 11, 2011

An excerpt of the story from my previous blog October. It is this reason why I had cut my HUMAART class again. The event was fun naman e. (So conyo dear!) We went first to Iella's condo to maybe, somehow, IRDK, fetch Anna, her condomate.
When we got there, she has a cake from her condomate and we ate it- with Louise, a former blockmate of ours getting first. :)) After, we went to Prov (Providence Tower), a known videoke/karaoke place near Taft. We sang our hearts, lungs, and souls out, with massive interpretation and shouting.
Pocket Full of Sunshine, Power of Two, Touch My Body. AND other videoke birit songs

And we're waiting for our video to be uploaded. I am with my fellow blockmates. And oh photos are from Iella, the celebrant.


Sample of the songs sang: Love Story


Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Our PERSEF2 prof greatly refutes the idea that if you must study, do it in advance. It depends on the person. Here's her story:

 When she was in college, specifically on her chemistry subject, she didn't study... in advance. Whenever they have a quiz, she cram. Yet she got high grades.

What's her point?

 That you need not change what you should do. If you know you are good in cramming and receives high grades, SO BE IT! TRUST YOURSELF. It is only you and you who knows how to do things. Do not change habits. I do not provoke cramming, but I am also that kind of person, set aside memory- short-term or long-term. Ideas set in when I cram something, I do not prepare for it, not all the time. I dutifully trust myself that I can do great things even if it is just decided in a snap!

Study whatever you are comfortable with, cramming or advance! Kudos to you and your studies! Be inspired!



Yes, it's my birthday month and feels like I have been a bum. I am missing so much in school though I had only cut one class due to sickness and a birthday celebration just recently. (Oyeah, it's yesterday, Oct 11) Since we've been finishing a movie in that subject and the prof doesn't take attendance until we have an activity, I opted to cut the class and I think I have done it thrice already in that subject. It's forgivable- my reasons for cutting class. But then damn, they're so much work to do. I have to hype up for that subject for missing a lot in one meeting or two, a musical texture paper which I have been late for a day, an essay due Friday and we have a genre activity to do also but won't be able to attend cause we have an international conference on that day and I am an usher. Oh good Lord, help me through this!

Yeah, going back. The reason why I have been such a bummer too, because I have been sick for a week. FOR A WEEK. Plus the recovery days. It's hard having all the symptoms of colds and flu yet I am still going to class. With sores on my tongue and my mouth. It hurts to speak. I have to adjust my tongue and let the juices of my saliva flow. Yes, I had those on the 1st of October and for 7 days I bore them. Now, I only have runny nose that soon will be no more. I am taking medications. VITAMIN C! I'm lacking it now now, that's  why  I have colds. And in  our  PERSEF2 class, since our prof is a psych prof also, and our topic was about stress, she told also that colds could be a reason for a stress, then I thought, "Where am I stressed?" also, "How could I get a cold and flu by drizzle, by rain drops? How? How?" in verncular, "Nagpapaulan kasi." A friend answered it for me, "Because you sweat, and the drops mixed with your sweat. Bla bla and bla." So by sweating it is and because of the polluted rain drops.

Arggh! And I missed a speech in our SPEECOM, my only Saturday class. I did not go to class, because I want to recover from my sickness fully and because I have sores on my tongue, although it's not hurting that much anymore as of the previous days, I still chose not to go to class because I know I will be having a hard time to open my mouth and speak.

For now, I have to settle this issues and do the things needed to be done.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

On a Saturday Morning

Had breakfast at Mcdo P. Campa last September 17, 2011 with my newest super friend. :>
HAHA! So I bought a pancake and sliced it into our initials. Yes, I am MD because of Marie Danicia and he is DM for Daniel Mark. Wow! :))
M stands for our nickname! :D Marie. Mac.
Unexpectedly just the table beside us was his hated prof today.

Sakit sa Ulo

- Traffic sa G. Araneta, shumortcut ka man, 1 and half hours pa rin ang byahe at parang ang layo rin ng pinag-iikutan ni Kuya. Oh shet o shet! Wala na bang matinong daan papuntang Manila na di ko dadaanan ang trapik ng G. Araneta

- Ang SOSTHEO na kanyang gawa ng theory about social systems. Paano magreport? WHAAAAT! O_o As in I am totally clueless about this subject.