Friday, September 16, 2011


Tokyo Tokyo's pork katsudon eaten the same day of The Azkals game in Rizal Stadium

TREDTWO Community Service

Lola's kitten

Big Martha's behind UST with Kim Samia and blockmates

Free August Wednesday with HS friends at Trinoma (Nica and PJ at the background :">)

Zark's Tapout burger! :))))

Blood Letting (Aug 19, 2011) 2nd Time

Ballpen Tattoo

Poor earthworm!

Eating McChicken sandwich just before midnight. The day I thought I lost my purse.

Dax during my hospital visit to Nica

Smiley on the surface of my guitar

I also have a Patrick star shirt. Hihi! But it's blue. It's Aeo's.

Wrong classroom. 2nd Term, 1st day, 1st Subject.

Setting the Line Straight (Behavioral Sciences vs Psychology)

DLSU Henry Sy Sr. Hall

Miszy and Me :)


My Green Tomato shoes

Depressed in Jolibee :( :'(

Lunch at Pasta Plate, September 14, 2011

What a crappy lips. :s


End of spam. 

Smiles! :)