Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Anonymous Love Story

"That instance when you and the other person collide with each other."

This is an anonymous love story based on real life and was made February 8, 2011 by yours truly with the help of my other block mate while waiting for our Physics class to start.

A few minutes before our class started, an anonymous guy was in our room before anyone else in our class. He was seated down on a stool next to the door. I didn't manage to bother the guy though I was puzzled why he was before me and was seated in our classroom, his face was new and was busy with his Itouch.

Until my dear beloved girl classmate came and talked to the guy. A moment later, the guy became puzzled with the game he was playing and asked for help to my block mate who was seated next to him. Yeah, that is the table that my block mate occupies during Physics class that is why she is seated beside the guy. Our block mate- she, did managed to help and solve the puzzle they were playing, while me and my other block mate watched them the whole time the guy was there. 

They were killing the time while waiting for each one's class to start.

It is not a typical love story. It is fascination for the meantime.


There goes the ending.