Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kiss on the forehead

Yes, a kid kissed me on the forehead. :">

Here's the story:
 Napagod ako kahahabol sa kanya then kinakausap ko siya pero umiirap then bigla niya ako kiniss sa forehead. 

But then, yeah. It's a kid who kissed me.

Some explanations about kiss on the forehead:
"The most common reason for a kiss on the forehead is that your partner means to say "I love you and will always take care of you". It is the same feeling of protection that any of your family members may have for you. It is a tender gesture which speaks a thousand words. In the initial days of dating, your partner would either give you a peck on your cheeks or a passionate kiss. However, it is only after your relationship deepens and your partner starts to truly care about you and your well being, will he give you a kiss on your forehead. Encourage this gesture by all means.
Another context in which you might get a kiss on your forehead is in somber occasions. For example, it would be highly inappropriate for your partner to kiss you on your lips when attending a funeral. At that time when he kisses you on your forehead, he actually means "I love you and am sorry for your ".
However, if your partner stops kissing you otherwise, but just brushes his lips on your brow, it probably means that he is no longer attracted to you. You then need to start looking for other tell tale signs which might show that he is not that deeply into the relationship anymore."