Saturday, August 27, 2011


Somehow, this is connected to my blogpost, "A shoulder to cry on"

Let your tears flow with the accompaniment of this music.

Yes, I've told you that someone cried on my shoulder, soaked first the pillows but then soaked my shirt with  bittersweet tears. I threw all the pillows and blanket to where no one of us can reach. Why? What's the best cure for someone who is bearing such pain that also aches me in the ass, figuratively. It made me tear in pieces, I can feel the pain. This person needs comfort, so I did. The pillow, bed, and blanket cannot reciprocate the emotion flushing down on that person. A hug is what you need, the best comforting feeling in the world. 

What made me break down in tears as what I've said above, I asked (in vernacular),
"Mahal mo ba mga tao sa bahay niyo?"
"Di lang nila alam." :'(

Yes, now you can see why. That person's heart is breaking mostly because of family reason, but let's not forget that there's the significant other, which is on a 'It's complicated' status. We hugged each other the whole time.

Again, HUGS AND COMFORT to you. >:D< The weather really coordinates with the person's emotion.