Monday, August 1, 2011

100 facts about me: The twitter challenge which I never made

1. Ano bang nakukuha ko sa panunuod ng drama? Kiligin, umiyak, mainlove at umasa.
2. Danicia is my famous second name.
3. I love chocolates.
4. Madel started our Kdrama craziness. If you'll not disagree and if I'm not wrong.
5. Mababaw lang luha ko. Basta may emosyon, aagos agad yan.
6. I have two dimples
7. I have a very well-groomed beautifully formed eyebrows, I don't know if it's still the same way now
8. I discovered waxing when I was in 3rd Year HS, days before our Prom. an alternative to plucking and shaving
9. I don't like colorum vehicles
10. I have many orgs :) So active e.
11. Crammer baby
12. Walking exercise
13. So random and spontaneous
14. Laugh doesn't fit with my girliness (Chos! Me a girl?)
15. I sounded like a boy daw.
16. I have macho arms, yes they are muscles. Euw! Why? Because I'm the one who replaces the galloons of water at our dispenser back then.
17. Screwed sleeping patterns.
18. Evening person.
19. Passion for reading
20. Have intellectual friends which are worth of information overload
21. Balloons please
22. Don't want to risk myself of the things I do not want to do
23. During the IKV 2011, YFC Ateneo called me Tiya Maria
24. Also, they teased me judgemental~ Oh really?!
25. I don't usually wear slippers outside when I started studying in DLSU, there's a dress code
26. Wanted to wear dresses and own a lot of them.
27. Shorts and skirts and presentable top for outfit in school
28. Saves 150-100php in a day.
29. Wants ice cream.
30. Sings the lyrics of  a song, knows not the title of the song
31. 3 boyfriends. 2 tarantadoes and 1 serious-what went what happened?
32. Has a boyfriend since 1st Yr HS but none till 4th Yr to College
33. No suitors on two years of college
34. From member to cluster head after 2 years of active membership in YFC.
35. No medications.
36. I have a curvy figure and doesn't follow a strict diet
37. Volleyball varsity player in HS
38. Honor student from Grade 4 to 3rd Yr HS
39. Best in Health only when graduated 4th Yr HS
40. Never been a DL
41. Received a failing grade in CRITHIN, 3rd Term 1st Year
42. Now a late enrollee
43. Informer
44. Listener
45. Advicer- whatever it may be. Love, Friendship...
46. Frustrated event planner
47. Plans to treat a person or two to MMC 2011 or one to ILC 2012
48. Irrevocably crazy
49. Dependently-independent person.
50. Misses Cherry Mobile P1
51. Goes with the flow
52.  Passed 2 Green College Schools (FEU, BS Psych and DLSU, AB Behavioral Science), then chose DLSU at the time of my graduation
53. I am pretty
54. Patient, lol! I wait for  a guy friend instead of him waiting and asking for me.
55. Incurable romantic than boys I know
56. Dreams of traveling to Germany/Europe
57. Wants to learn German, IDK but I just do love to than French/Spanish
58. Started occasional drinking 4th Yr HS. Officially started drinking, 1st Yr College, Halloween Break
59. Already vomitted because of alcohol intoxication.
60. Learned to bike January of 4th Yr HS. :)))
61. Does running slims your thighs or makes it even bigger?
62. Supportive of my friends
63. I may have different circle of friends, but I remain faithful and loyal to each one. No bias, I'm a freelancer as Kim Samia would call herself
64. Never owned a gadget, super gadget of my own, e.g. Laptop, Ipad, Iphone, whatever
65. Gossip Girl, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, Ghost Whisperer, Happy Feet, One More Chance, 500 Days of Summer are some of my favorite TV Series and Movies
66. 90's kid
67. Prefers surprises
68. Sky lanterns, oh I love
69. Citylights for an ideal date
70. I want a gay friend
71. Don't have own (bed)room
72. Fatherless since 2 years old. Sad truth
73. Made a prom quote during our 3rd Year Prom
"The BEST about PROM: It's the SLOW DANCE. Her hand on his shoulder reaching for his face and HIS on her waist hugging and making her feel loved. And for every second, each one of us wished that the night would never end. A HAPPY EVER AFTER!"
74. Simple, elegant, classic
75. Forgives easily
76. Don't want enemies
77. Where's my badass circle of friends? I have none. I always belong to the goody-goody
78. In demand person, I proxy to meetings
79. Heartbreak songs, Man Who Can't Be Moved and I Hate This Part
80. First hard drink, Generoso. Hagod!
81. Always an interpretative dancer, folk dancer, dancer. I love dancing!
82. I asked for the gift of prophecy
83. Lector/Commentator
84. Belongs to many religious org: SLA-LSPO, YFC DLSU, YFC CommBased, LeCom
85. I can't have those small fonts achievements like those who run for Batch and College Government and USG. Overwhelming achievements
86. Quiz Bee representative on my 1st Yr HS
87. Peanuts by Charles Schulz, my most loved comics
88. Sarcastic.
89. I can make a fashion statement
90. Customized shirts for better looking shirts.
91. I can sing but I don't want to be part of the choir.
92. Boys Over Flowers, kilig pa rin till now.
93. Monica Tutti's bestfriend even we don't see each other often.
94. Feels like Christmas and Valentines in July and August. What a random feeling.
95. I may run in a political position but I am not a political person
96. For the sake of  trying, I am an adventurer
97. Walked from La Salle to Delta(Timog Ave.) one stranded evening
98. Hungry all the time
99. I have a very big appetite
100. I appreciate and love all of you

Marie :)