Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Wine, The Wine Pouch and The Wine Bag

This was my gift to my friend/blockmate on her debut last July 23, 2011. I am in hurry on finding a gift for her because she doesn't answer what kind of gift she would like to have. And when I asked my other blockmates, they told, 'liquor'. 
Because that day too, I only bought the gift. I was late, we were late. Iella and me. I resorted to buying her liquor/wine for I have not seen anything decent to give from UM. There's no perfume rin. So there, Paul Mason, the wine pouch and the wine bag.

The wine pouch which is also available at NBS is really good for Wine/Liquor bag/pouch than use gift wrap tissue/cellophane/japanese paper even crepe.