Friday, July 8, 2011

Harry Potter's Magical World

Photos are from Tumblr.

Since Harry Potter was first published I have not read one book. I was not interested into books when I was a child though I have heard of it. There aren't any collections of sci-fi, novels, even fiction books in the house. The only available are school textbooks. I did not bother to ask to buy some fun reading books. Not until I have watched the 1st installment of the last film, ALONE. Oh geez, what is the story? For real. That was my first reaction, last year. It was November. Bothered, I try searching for good ol cheap price Harry Potter books and borrowing from some of friends, but they did not let me borrow their expensive of almost untouched-somehow touched collection of the book. That was December. 
Late December to Earlier January, I said to myself, "Finish all the books before the 2nd installment of the last book will premiere." Here I am, not. I finished 6. I started borrowing right first day of 3rd term, in two weeks time I did finish. Because the 7th was always borrowed and on hold, I don't think I will be able to borrow it for the next weeks or months. Our library has one copy though.
 This is my generation. Our generation. HARRY POTTER, HERMIONE GRANGER, RUPERT GRINT and the HOGWARTS world, has grown along with us. We were friends. Lately, I have become one of the Potterheads. I am proud. I am given time to read the book. It was introduced to me and it taught me lessons I could never imagine. JK Rowling, thank you for sharing with us your world. Your tragic story with the death of someone you loved has spread love all over the world. You're ever wonderful and the kids you created.