Friday, July 15, 2011


FB Stat: Di ko alam kung nabitin lang ba ako kasi di ko nasimulan yung HP dahil sa mga lateJofun and Jerica Rosario. :) HAHA! Joke. IT WAS EPIC INDEED, after 10 years, the kiss happened. A dozen of friends in the cinema I'm with :" Keico, Van, Calvinand Harry, Gigi and 3 friends. MIKKO and JOSHUA! Kaya love ko kayo, mga Benildean kasi!

It was fun with Van dlR :) she screamed and whip her hair back and forth when I asked her if she wanted to come watch HP and she did that. Dorve us crazy in the morning+ this 
In the afternoon, I was caught by an English teacher saying "Puuuu----t(fading a)" not that loud but she heard it. Oh noes. Oh well. Ashamed.

Hippy look! :) Love it.

Joshua and Mikko, both Benildean. Close to each other :" LOL!

But this. With friends is great.