Thursday, July 7, 2011

Behind the Truth

I am way behind my thoughts about the truth. I should have written it immediately when all the ideas sprang during and after the conference I have attended. A Metaphysics Conference by the Philosophy Department of DLSU. There is a lot of topics laid out for the conference. If I have woke up and left the house earlier then I would have attended the Time and Person conferencea, that, that is much interesting for my preference. But I have not. Though I came just in time on one of my favorite topic, the organizers have not allowed guests/students to enter the lecture area, so I waited for the next session and left the area first.
The moment has arrived, there is no more chair left for me, the only choice- stand up beside the walls or sit on the stairs. Nevertheless, I chose to stand up and sit during the Q&A portion. The topic, The Metaphysics of Truth and Knowability Problem. Hearing just it, straight-faced, poker-faced, how-I-wish-this-will-be-interested thought. It is just so fast, the conference. What would someone expect given only 20 minutes of presentation with the matters of truth, however, an adult's attention span only last 15-20 minutes that is quite acceptable for this kind of occasion.
Moving on, 1) What is Truth 2) How do we know the Truth. I will quote this from a friend, 'Yes, Truth with the capital T,' inspired by Plato. A mind boggling statement that definitely everyone questions everyday. Is it the truth she's saying? Are you telling the truth? How do you know it is true? When it could be just a gossip. But as we all know, a rumor, a gossip can be a truth. The metaphysics of Truth that is beyond the explanatory state of nature. An omniscient state of mental blackness, what to believe in. Hence, there are corresponding explanations of Truth. First and foremost, let's assume, NO, let TRUTH always be a proposition in that way it is easier to know the truth. The NDE or Nondoxastic Experience Argument where it is any experience that is not a belief, can justify but not guarantee the truth. I just made a vague statement, did not I? Or it is too deep for me to swim to the thought of NDE. Either way, there are some truths that is stagnant. Truths just like in criminal scenes/movies/series that will not speak without the evidence. Truths are hypotheses, theories and postulates that are waiting to  be accepted by the public. Second, it says that the Coherence Theory of Truth does not guarantee the knower. Does not guarantee the knower signs/staments of truthfulness. And third, the Truth needs to be verified. 
And with this truth, I have posted some thoughts on my networking sites and here it is: