Thursday, June 16, 2011

Own Perspective Creation Myth

Marie Danicia B. Castro 11041323
Dr. Jeane C. Peracullo

It was a boundless, infinite and unlimited space. Nowhere to relax. Nothing to make off from something. Even the tiniest particle was absent. From afar the view, miraculously there was a tiny shining circles. Overlapping, bumping and breaking off with each other yet those two were intertwined by someone-- unseen, unreal. 
Amidst the empty space, the two atoms were happily roaming infinity. Fond with each other's company, it just seem too bleak. They were alone. Unconsciously they were conscious of the things around them, they tried to dropped themselves, they did not. They remained floating instead. One superficial space blackness (day/night supposedly but there's no night and day yet), the two atoms remained intact with each other, overlapping and not breaking apart. Because of the eagerness to withheld with each other, the atoms multiplied reaching maximum capacity to reproduce. They bursted gaseous air and made a huge change into the black space.

And there was planets. Within the planets were land, seas and skies. Came upon them were four life beings, 
Etheria - the warden of the soils, 
Eria - the warden of the colorless gas,
Etawr -  the warden of flowing goods, 
Eski - the warden of the infinite space.
The goddesses was like a celestial being, they watch the earth and they were watched by someone higher than them -- The Supreme. That Supreme made a demi-god named Cavianisus and his partner Mitchelis. 

The demi-gods were creative thinkers. They were able to invent something from scraps and the availability of resources around them by asking permission to the wardens of nature. They made a house with the help of Etheria, designed it cozy and comfortable for maybe added beings also their food came from her. Through Eria, substantial animals and plants to fill the earth, dust particles, atoms combined to form a lively earth. Next, they created juices and potions, elixirs with Etawr's helping hand. And with Eski, dreams and goals were planned to success what they were planning.

Everyone was coordinated with everything. Until Cavianisus and Mitchelis decided to live away from the wardens. They wanted a life that would not make them visible to almost everyone's eyes. It's privacy needed. So the wardens left the earth and stayed on the planets only to watch Cavianisus and Mitchelis outside their home. Back to the earth, Cavianisus and Mitchelis had babies. There was Faih (Faith), Lovu (Love) and Hup (Hope). Together with them started humanity and bring forth abundance to the earth.

*This was inspired by Democritus and Leucippus that all thing were made of atom and Anaximander's apeiron.