Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Of my three terms

 stay in La Salle. It is great, diverse, amazing and fantastic. I feel belonged to all of my organizations, though, sometimes I rarely go to our tambayan or attend supposedly seminars, workshops and anything related and not. But, every now and then, I meet them on the hallway, elevator, cybernook, canteen and when I pass familiar places where I always see them.
De La Salle University has become my home, my other family where I feel who I am whatever I wear, do, talk, and random stuffs. Yes, you can get to judge people easily, prejudice. Not until you talk to them, how odd or familiar their story maybe, these persons will not be simply your friend. These persons, like your any community organization, will be your family during your stay. They may not always be angelic, they also have their devilish side which you will  learn yourself who you truly are, if you have change and if the real you remains. It’s your choice of living; what suits you the most.
The crowd. The campus. Becomes smaller. The population is growing yes. I assure that even if you do not know the name of one person you always see, some time soon, maybe. Peoples faces will not be new to you, because you will always see them anywhere, whether you or them don’t know your name but it’s the face.
REALLY, this is a small world. The big world where there are millions of people are always interconnected. Mutual friends. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.

- Sana may naintindihan kayo! :)