Friday, June 10, 2011

My Very Low Resolution Photos II

Cedie wrote on my planner. :) Her birthday, June 24

Me on glasses, oh. Nakapose rin si Rica sa likod

Camp letter by Mikkoting :"> Sugar

CSO Workshop

Dolphin wall along Agno gate to Miguel

Qarla and Iza waiting for adjustment

Babo-- there is real Babo. I thought it was only such a good name. HAHA!

Doreen and Van - before the pictorial

17-5, orders at Freska, UM

Anneli and Rendell :) ENGLREST

Mela, writing in Jeje Style :)

BSS publicity material :)

Ice Cream blabla game

Chocolate na naiwan ko sa Mcdo La Salle :)

Libreng RIDGES, 12g. 10 lang laman na chips -8. JOKE