Friday, March 23, 2012

The year after

I entered college 2010. No- Not. I am not trying to define, describe nor explain how was my first year in college- but maybe somehow I will. I would like to share some lifestyles, cultures that we have in La Salle.
  • It is not minor subjects; It is FLOATING. ;)
  • In math, accounting subjects, we have LOTR(Lee, Ong, Tan, Reyes). Yes, codename for profs who are terror in so many ways grades, quizzes, exams. Beware, some are only stricken by them because it is somehow different to the college they are really teaching the subject.
  • You are only IRREG during enrollment, you get the worst scheds with long breaks and hated profs. Blocks are only applicable for two terms and the third you get to choose your own sched, profs and if you and your friends wanted to be classmates.
  • Most courses have their course professional-home organization to better know their course. 
  • We have our own bookstore. Inside the campus. Not NBS but by the school.
  • So much curiosity but the campus is built near the not-so-slum area in Manila.
  • As of October 1, 2010, we don't have football field anymore.  Yeah. There were like empty spaces beside, in front of our school. But most of them are now being made to condos, commercial spaces.
  • For frosh(freshman), we have 2-day orientation which we call LPEP(LaSallian Personal Effectiveness Program).
This list is still not complete. :)