Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Very Low Resolution Photos

*Taken from my VGA camera. Again, photoblog! :)
The LaSallian Star

May 1 fireworks :)

May 1 Fireworks :)

Tom's like shoes from Pedro Gil sidewalk.

Covered court ceiling - Juan Sumulong Elementary School

Guia, my friend

Makati skyline on the way home.

Unicorn stuff toy.

Solo and upside down.

My doggie stuff toy.

Shades and dawg!

Nose to nose >:P

Oral Treatment


Shades and Dawg again! ;))

Yuch Frosh tables!

Yuch Frosh Tables!

Library section where the book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus is located.

What do they call this? HAHAHA! I forgot! :) Some kind of  board.

BSS Old Logo, if you can see. :)

Lapu-lapu monument at Luneta! :D

With Maverick, a long walk.

Rainy Saturday! 

Atenista Rice challenge! :) IKV!

DomoKun Bag!

Frosh Welcoming Program!

Chocolate wrappers! :D

Aeo, hiding pimple! =))


Smile, pass it on. Sanuk ;)