Thursday, May 19, 2011


The Issue: Why the registration fee is still 400Php when the venue is a public school and they only asks for donation.


Since, my house is just a meter-walk away from the venue. I thought of sleeping in our house for the first day and sleepover the next day at the venue. So much that I could ask If I can pay half only of the reg fee. :(( I really don't have enough allowance. The expenses during IKV and org booth wasn't refunded yet. :( My mom gave me 200 and I only have a 100 savings and my Tita gave me 300 a while ago. The 200 was spent already way way IKV. And the 100, awhile ago with the other chapter I'm with.

This is our Youth Camp ID. Venue is not La Mesa Ecopark anymore due to new management rules. It will be held at North Fairview High School instead.