Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This happened 2 nights ago.

Our Senior Sister in YFC-DLSU texted us if anyone in the group is available for helping on the upcoming IKV (ILC for Kids). I presented myself and texted the head so I can attend the meeting later. She texted me like this…

Her: Okay, let’s meet KFC Buendia, 9am.
Me: Where po exactly?
Her: KFC malapit sa LRT Buendia Station. Katabi ng 7 Eleven, Goldilocks at Pizza Hut.
You know what I was thinking? I thought of KFC office. As in Kids For Christ office in Buendia. Then, while I was doing my thing. I ran it over and over again.
*Cloud of thoughts: KFC? KFC? KFC Buendia. Malapit sa LRT Buendia? May LRT ba sa may Buendia? Hmmm. Ahh, ano ba yan. Taga-Taft ako nag-aaral tapos. Yung LRT sa Taft. And I was like, KFC? As in yung kainan?…
Uhhhh! FAIL! :)