Friday, April 29, 2011

Reality Check

"It's better to face reality forward than behind." - Marie Castro (yours truly)

Define reality.

 -- What reality is when it happens in an actual time on an actual place with the actual people around

Overheard! ;)

 Nakalimutan ko na kung ano yung mga yun. Pero may bumenta sa akin. Sa FX kahapon:

Katabi: (Nakasakay sa taxi at dumaan sa madilim na lugar) Nilabas ko yung ballpen tapos tinapat ko sa driver. Saan mo ako dadalhin? (Pumasok sa isang malaking gate pero madilim pa rin sa loob)
Taxi Driver: Magpapa-Gas lang po ako, Sir!

Basag! =)) Anyway, be always alert and it's not eavesdropping.


This was a Message from God Facebook App, April 27, 2011

As you can read I'm really outwitted by the message. A lot has been going on in our YFC chapter and I don't know what happened if they resolved it already but I guess not. I hope soon enough they are ready to face it. I repeat:

... that nothing is exciting if you know what the outcome is going to be. You keep wanting to know how things will play out, keep asking to see the future. God doesn't give anyone the power to know the future, because life becomes maddeningly boring when you know everything upfront. So, instead of struggling, enjoy the uncertainty - to be alive means to not know.

I’m clueless yesterday. So was the previous post, someone texted me and I replied yes with eagerness. The morning came, I told my Tita the night before that I will go to school for practices and training and that I need to pay 200 for something. That was true. And when I woke up, Oh My Holy Smokes! My Tita just gave me 200php. It’s only for food and transpo. HUHUHUHU So then, I decided not to go anymore to the event I volunteered.
Anyhow, the head and Ate Ynah, texted me if I could come. I said no, I was short in allowance. They replied, “Do you still have enough? We’ll just refund your expenses.” There I was, enlightened that I can still help not by the refund but it’s part. We have done ocular for accommodations for IKV.

Realization: Ito yung mga oras na di na dapat ako nagdoubt simula pa lang dahil alam kong ibbless niya itong araw na ito.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have many things to share. I hope I could type it all day, because that might take a whole day to share the fun and opposite of it all. So wait for it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This happened 2 nights ago.

Our Senior Sister in YFC-DLSU texted us if anyone in the group is available for helping on the upcoming IKV (ILC for Kids). I presented myself and texted the head so I can attend the meeting later. She texted me like this…

Her: Okay, let’s meet KFC Buendia, 9am.
Me: Where po exactly?
Her: KFC malapit sa LRT Buendia Station. Katabi ng 7 Eleven, Goldilocks at Pizza Hut.
You know what I was thinking? I thought of KFC office. As in Kids For Christ office in Buendia. Then, while I was doing my thing. I ran it over and over again.
*Cloud of thoughts: KFC? KFC? KFC Buendia. Malapit sa LRT Buendia? May LRT ba sa may Buendia? Hmmm. Ahh, ano ba yan. Taga-Taft ako nag-aaral tapos. Yung LRT sa Taft. And I was like, KFC? As in yung kainan?…
Uhhhh! FAIL! :)

The Thing About Me

Now, a post about myself could help. :) All I do is reblog —most of the time— and post quotes from the movies I watched. Maybe soon, I will take the tumblr challenges. As for now, a little about myself.

1. I’m not a morning person but I do enjoy seeing sunrise colors whenever I wake up early.
2. I, oftentimes, have mouth sores. I don’t know why. However, it’s due sometimes by me eating chocolates. A lot of it. Yes!
3. I put a lot of ketchup to any dish possible. Masarap e!
4. I kick or ngggrh when there’s a kilig/funny scene.
5. I tease people of their talent or secret crush.
6. I have friends that are adorable and witty.
7. There are hidden coins inside my blue purse.
8. I need an increase an allowance. Mahal na magcommute ngayon. Halos parehas na ang presyo ng bus st FX. Kaya I’d rather ride FX than bus now.
9. I hate traffic build-ups on the way to school.
10. I am for Christ. I am His child. :)

11. I take a bath when there's no more running water but I do enjoy shower! :D